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What Is Ketogen and What Are the Facts On The Ketogenic Diet? Nowadays, some people commit mistakes in subjecting themselves to extreme and harsh diet in order to lose weight without knowing the possible biological and physiological danger they are facing with their choice of diet and it is an effect of the quick rise of different types of diets. Without even having the knowledge of what could be the harm fasting would do their body, a lot of people have been doing it to lose weight before proper research refined it. Through a research, it was discovered that fasting and no carbohydrate diet produces the same result, therefore there is no need to starve yourself to lose weight, you just need to choose what you eat. Losing weight is very effective when your body process the fat as main source of energy instead of using glucose and this only happens when liver produces ketones (ketones are produced when the body abstain from any carbohydrate). Why does this happen? Normally, glucose is the main source of our body’s energy. Glucose comes from the food that we eat that has carbohydrates, the excess glucose, when we eat too many carbs, are then stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. Excess glucose after some of them are already turned into glycogen will then turn into fat. When we stop eating carbs, our body will no longer have any source for glucose forcing our body to use and burn the glycogen stored in the liver and the muscles and afterwards the fats will be burned too. Even though it may sound like it is the perfect way to losing weight, we should not forget that certain tissues in our body like some parts of our brain could not work without glucose – this fact is the main reason why production of ketones is very important.
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We can still survive without any carbs and glucose thanks to the production of ketones since ketones can substitute glucose to that tissue that only work with glucose. When you eat below 100 grams a day, the initiation of this process will start. A negative effect on a person’s body is expected if this type of diet will not be managed properly because not only will your body burn the fat, it will also cannibalize the lean body mass. So ketones are produced exactly from where?
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As the result of the breakdown of free fatty acid, ketones are produced in the liver. Ketones affect the levels of the hormones in the body which are the ones who normally check and regulate the movement of the glucose in a person’s bloodstream like the insulin and are made, basically, from fat. When they are new to the diet, people who are in ketogenic diet usually complain that they always feel exhausted or sluggish.