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Top 5 Most Important Effects of Nootropics on the Brain If you’re been in the market for supplements that boost your mental performance, consider nootropics. Slogans can be very tricky, but the question is, are these products actually effective? Certainly! But what exactly do we mean by nootropics? The word is just another term for brain boosters. They are nutrients that provide benefits to the brain. But how? 1. By boosting brain energy Nootropics increase the brain’s energy levels, allowing it to function more efficiently. Have you ever filled up your car using the wrong fuel? Your brain also needs you to give it the right fuel. Doing that, you can achieve mental clarity and agility, accelerate your thought processes, and collect and even store more information more efficiently. Three examples of nootropics that increase brain energy are Vinpocetine, Ubiquinol and Citicoline.
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2. By boosting brain chemicals
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So many chemicals are made in the brain, including neurotransmitters, which work by ensuring the movement of information from brain cell to brain cell. More specifically, nootropics help supply the brain with raw materials it needs to synthesize these chemicals. However, different nootropics are intended for different chemicals – norepinephrine (NE) works to increase focus, for example, while acetylcholine (ACh) improves memory. Huperizine and L-Theanine are the best nootropics for brain chemicals. 3. By promoting blood circulation Circulation is the process that provides vital oxygen to all cells of the body, and is thus essential for organs to function properly, including your brain. Therefore, if blood in your brain is circulating more efficiently, mental functions such as focus and memory retention also increase their efficiency. Vinpocetine, Citicoline and BAcopa monnieri are three of the best nootropics that enhance the circulation of blood in the brain. 4. By promoting brain cell multiplication Usually, at around the age of three, a person achieves the maximum number of brain cells he can have. With the right nootropics, your brain can continue to repair old and damaged brain cells, or even create new links or networks among themselves. More brain cells and better connections means better memory, learning ability, and even a limited risk of cognitive decline, which can lead such diseases as Alzheimer’s. Huperzine-A and Phosphatidylserine are two great nootropics for this. 5. By recalibrating brain wavelengths Finally, as we know, the brain works on different wavelengths. There are multiple consciousness levels, including the unconscious and subconscious. Each time we breathe or blink, it’s because our brains our focused on such actions. These are just two examples of actions we do without actively thinking about them, proof that the brain is capable of such independence. The same operations work with memories you may not have thought about for a long time. You sure still have them, only they exist at a different wavelength. If you take nootropics, those wavelengths are impeccably managed so that your thought processes can proceed smoothly. Particular nootropics best for this purpose are Avena Sativa and L-Theanine.