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The Importance of Music During Mediation

There are many people who considers mediation as difficult even though they haven’t tried it. These people could have not actually tried meditation and have not see someone who do the actual mediation and they only based their judgment about mediation on the pictures they saw. Fortunately, the actual meditation can be easier than that.

Yoga or meditation can be of different types. Different types of yoga have different focus and aim, such as some yoga are more in the physical body while some are more spiritual and mental in nature. Therefore, the body twisting and bending that we see on pictures is just a type of yoga and if you can’t do it, then you can find other types that will suit to you. If a particular type of mediation seems unconformable to you, you are free to find another type that you think is easy.

In the world of yoga, music has become essential because it helps the individual feel relaxed and ready to perform the yoga. One of the common type of music used for yoga is the new age music. The music that can be used for yoga can vary from rhythm, texture, and many more. For those who have just started yoga, it’s recommended that you choose a music that is not too busy but atmospheric. This is to avoid much distractions while you’re still learning different methods of meditation and so that your mind will be relaxed and become peaceful.

You can find an upright chair to sit on, then you can choose whether you prefer your hands to face upward or downward. During mediation, you can light candles and/or you can put an incense because it is an aid to make the meditation more spiritual. For music, you may use a headphone if the nearby areas are very noisy, so that you can stay focus and calm. Once you stared the music, do not think of anything that could distract you. One way to help you become more focus is to close your eyes. Once you’re mind reaches the relaxed state, you can then try basic breathing techniques. First, breath deeply and hold your breath for several seconds. Release your breath slowly, and repeat the process. While you’re doing the same steps, you should ensure that you’re on focus. If you prefer, you can utter a word as you do the steps in away that you will feel the presence of God. Some words that you can utter aside from God is peace, unity, etc.

You must do this method as long as you feel is needful. In conclusion, mediation is very easy if you’re able to find the kind that suits to your preferences, and with the aid of music, it has become even more easy.

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