Ways to Get Rid of Sudden Cellulite on Legs

One of the horrors many women face and are embarrassed about is the onset of cellulite. When cellulite appears, it is sometimes called “orange skin” simply because it has the appearance of the skin of an orange. This is because the fat (which is really all cellulite is) pushed against the connective tissues and makes the skin pucker. Cellulite looks horrible, but it is not dangerous. Getting rid of cellulite really becomes more of a cosmetic issue.

More women than men get cellulite; and when it appears, it comes most times as sudden cellulite on legs. Unfortunately, if other women in the same family have cellulite, the likelihood of the succeeding women in the family getting cellulite is probable. Other factors affect the getting of cellulite also such as poor diet or fad dieting, slow metabolic rate, changes in hormones, dehydration, body fat, lack of exercise, and the color or thickness of the skin. Darker skin tends to absorb cellulite more so than lighter skin, making it less visible. Nonetheless, getting rid of cellulite has been a popular trend among women. Some use methods such as massage and spa treatments, which really only works temporarily. They do not remove the cellulite. Some try cellulite creams, which have not been proven to work. Some have even tried liposuction, which also does not actually remove cellulite, only fatty deposits. In fact, liposuction tends to worsen the cellulite condition. Laser treatments have been tried, and have worked to some degree.

Natural remedies have been favored over the other methods which have left many women disappointed. At wellnessmama.com, many remedies are offered. Dry skin brushing has been used and benefits of it are that it removes dry, dead skin and promotes healthy skin overall. The consumption of gelatin works to promote skin, hair and nail growth, and also can help tighten up loose skin. Other natural methods are myofacial massages, coffee scrubs, kettle bells, Omega 3 supplements, natural skin lotions that moisturizes the skin, detoxification baths, and balancing the hormones. Getting rid of cellulite can happen, but one must find the correct combination of various methods. More information can be found at the wellnessmama.com website.