Understanding Sciatica

Many people have experienced pain down the back of their legs at one point or another during their lives. This may have been caused by pregnancy, back strain, or a herniated disc. The medical term that is loosely used to describe this pain is Sciatica. Sciatica technically is not a condition but is actually just a symptom of an underlying condition. It is typically treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, electrical stimulation, exercise and cortisone injections. Due to these treatments only treating this symptoms and not the underlying cause, they have a high fail rate. Reducing the inflammation of the nerve will help for a short time, but very often the condition returns.

There are four primary diagnoses that is responsible for the inflammation of this nerve; they include: Spondylolisthesis, Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Disc and Priformis Syndrome. Whether hereditary or caused by an external factor the underlying cause is the imbalance of your body or specifically your muscles. Once the muscles become imbalanced, they then have a negative effect on the rest of your body resulting in postural dysfunction. Without addressing this imbalance, you are only treating the symptoms and not the underlying condition. Have you ever known someone to have back surgery more than one time, only to have to keep going back and forth to the doctor? This is because although they have had surgery to repair the disc in the back, the muscles in the back are still out of balance, and may be even more out of balance following the surgery. This will cause them to have an unnatural gait or even worse posture, which will cause more pain.

Engaging in muscle imbalance therapy can help to restore the body’s natural balance and eliminate the ongoing or reoccurring back pain and the need for additional surgeries. Many patients have tried all of the other remedies that have been suggested by a doctor, chiropractor, pain clinic and more, but once they were introduced to and begin to use the Muscle Balance Therapy, they saw their pain go away. What do you have to lose but the daily pain that you are in. It is definitely worth a try.