Top Five Outdoor Games

If you’re old enough to be a parent, the phrase “children playing” could call to mind a happy scene of kids running around outdoors. But in the real world, the children around you who are playing are most likely sitting and staring at a screen. When children play together, they use dual controls on an x-box or log in to multi-player games online. Unfortunately childhood obesity and related conditions are consequences of this big cultural shift in the meaning of play. Instead of giving electronic games to the children in your life, consider some of these outdoor games that may remind you of your own childhood days.

1. A croquet set is an easy, backyard alternative to mini-golf. Set up the wickets in the yard, and hit the balls through with mallets. It’s a good game for any age or skill level.

2. Tetherball is a very simple game consisting of a pole with an elastic cord on top that attaches to a volleyball. Two players stand on opposite sides and try to hit the ball around the pole so that the cord winds all the way around.

3. Badminton is a game similar to tennis because it involves a net and racquets. Instead of a ball, the players hit a lightweight shuttlecock back and forth over the next. This is a great back-yard game because a shuttlecock doesn’t roll away into the street or the neighbor’s yard once it hits the ground.

4. Cornhole is a simple outdoor game that is popular at bars and tailgate parties, but it’s also a lot of fun for kids. It consists of a raised, inclined platform with round holes in it. The players toss beanbags through holes for points.

5. Backyard football is another classic, still popular in many families at holiday gatherings. A variation of traditional football is touch football, where the ball carrier is touched instead of tackled, and flag football, where tackling is replaced by grabbing a flag from the player’s back pocket.

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