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Shopping for a CB Radio: Guidelines for Buyers

Have you recently set your eyes on a CB radio and thought it’s something good to buy? If you are, then you need to fill your mind with some worthwhile information about this kind of radio first. Kindly read on to the next few parts of this article in order to be guided on how to purchase a CB radio.

1. CB or Citizens Band Radio Service is a kind of radio communication that falls under Personal Radio Service or PRS. As with other kinds of PRS, it can be used for personal or corporate use. To operate a CB radio, a license is not required.

2. CB service is operating on several shared channels in both Single SideBand (SSB) and AM modes. The benefit with opting for the SSB mode is that there is greater range and the noise is less. If you turn on with the SSB mode, you can gain the ability of communicating with other SSB CB radios.

3. There are no restrictions to operating a CB radio when it comes to age. The truth of te matter is that anyone may use the CB. Only foreign governments or their representatives are not authorized to operate the radio.

4. There is no specific group or individual to whom the CB frequencies and channels are assigned. For the most part, a CB radio can be operated on all 40 channels and at different frequencies.

5. CB radios are short-ranged and are intended for local communications. Nevertheless, there is a way by which you can improve the range and that is by doing the shooting skip method. But be sure to still follow the guidelines of the FCC in order not to be answerable.

6. As already mentioned, CB radios run on 40 shared channels. Common etiquette is somehow required among users. When a user talks with another station, the duration must not be more than 5 minutes. Another thing, it is recommended for a user to wait for one minute before getting on with another communication.

7. In the course of shopping for a CB radio, you also need to give ample attention to buying the right antenna. If you are going for a handheld CB radio, the antenna is often included in the box. However, there are some other units that do not provide them with the radio upon purchase. In other words, you have to buy it separately. The quality of antenna you purchase will have a huge effect on the performance of your CB radio. It is for this reason that you have to be the most careful when purchasing one. Before buying, do check out all of your options and identify their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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