The Flex Belt – Part of Your Workout

Perhaps you have seen the flex belt advertisements and wonder if it actually works? There are several flex belt reviews online that have been written and the majority of these are very positive when you are looking for that something extra to obtain a flat stomach. There are some that go overboard and incorrectly state that the ab belt can give you six pack abs alone, but this is not true as it works best when in combination with other ab exercises.

So how does the ab belts work? The FDA approved Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS as a medical device that was designed to help those with muscle wasting due to paralysis or strokes. This EMS that was emitted did in fact tone the muscles of these patients and gave the same results as if the muscles were working out. The ab belts work in the same way as it releases the EMS to the mid-section, which does tone the muscles in the stomach.

What the ab belts will not do is burn fat, that is to say if you have fat over the muscles in your stomach, the ab belt is not going to reduce this fat, which is why it important to use the belt in combination with other ab exercises. Your diet (what you eat) along with sit ups and crunches are excellent to do in combination with the flex belt. This gives the best results for a toned mid-section that you probably did not think was possible.

You should know that the Flex Belt has been cleared with the FDA, which means they deem the product as safe and not able to cause harm when used as directed. You can also use the belt in other areas of your body that needs toning, which makes it very unique from other belts on the market. The main thing to keep in mind with any of the belts are they are weight loss devices per se, but rather if used in combination with a balanced diet and exercisese routine can offer great assistance in toning and strengthening.

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