The Choice is Finally Ours

The introduction of new power companies in my area made it possible for people to have the power to choose whatever energy provider they want. Before this, everyone relied on one company, regardless of how much they liked the company or not. Given how insane the prices were from this company, I don’t think there was anyone who really liked them. Some people took things into their own hands and moved off the grid to solar cells. While this worked for them, everyone else didn’t have the same luxury, so the rest of us just had to deal with the company.

New competition means lower prices for everyone. The lower prices from the newer energy companies signaled a migration of everyone away from the old company. I shop around before selecting a new provider to make sure that I could get the most for my money. I think I made the right decision with my new provider. The prices are reasonable, and when I use less than a certain amount of energy in a month, I get a credit on my bill that can be used to pay for other energy bills in the future. I’ve never been rewarded for being a customer like this, but I like it.

I hear that a few new Internet companies will be coming in the area soon, and they couldn’t have come at a better time. Just like with the energy company, the Internet company will charge an arm and a leg for service. Most people who have their service pay for the lowest price tier, which only gives them a slow speed and small data cap. They have a deal with satellite company where you can get faster speeds and a lower price if you bundle, but I would rather not have to do that.