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Best Sleep Aids: When Counting Sheep Fails You Counting sheep is a mind exercise that many to fall asleep. However, this practice may not be effective for everyone. Thankfully, there are over-the-counter (OTC) sleeping aids that you can use to help you sleep faster and better, this includes anti-histamines and melatonin. Additionally, you can also utilize natural sleeping supplements. Natural Sleeping Supplements You Can Use Since natural sleeping aids does not have side effects, many people like this option. Valerian is a supplement that is used since ancient times to treat insomnia and nervousness. This sedative herb has been used since the 2nd century. This is believed to help increase the amount of GABA in the brain, a naturally calming chemical.
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Chamomile is another traditional medicine which is believed to help cure insomnia, as well as, a variety of other health problems. There are plenty of other natural sleeping aids to choose from. Take note, that while this is a natural remedy, it is always best to speak with your physician before taking them.
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Best Over The Counter Sleeping Aids Over the counter sleeping aids can be very effective for occasional use. The problem with this is that it can contain antihistamines, which you may develop a resistance to with constant use overtime. Common over the counter sleeping medicines use antihistamines to encourage drowsiness. There are two generic OTC available in the market, Diphenhydramine and Doxylamine. Diphenhydramine includes brands such as Nytol, Compoz, Benadryl, Sleepinal, and Sominex. Doxylamine have brand names such as Nighttime Sleep Aid and Unisom. There are also OTC sleep aids which uses the combination of antihistamines and pain relievers, found in common brands like Tylenol PM and Anacin PM. You may also choose to have melatonin supplements. Melatonin is the naturally occurring hormone which helps in controlling your sleep and wake cycle. Melatonin is triggered by darkness, so once it begins getting darker at night, the levels start to elevate. During the morning, or when there is bright light, melatonin is suppressed. According to studies and research, melatonin is not an effective treatment for long term sleeping problems, but is effective for jet lags and work time shifts. Melatonin may not be taken with certain diabetes and hypertension medication, your physician will let you know if it is safe to take the this supplement. To minimize side effects such as next day drowsiness, it is best to take this supplement in small dosages about 1 to 3 milligrams. Taking sleeping aids is a good way to help you get a full rest. It is important to remember, that sleeping aid supplements can be habit forming. For your safety, always start in small dosages and avoid taking it with alcohol or other substances.