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Tips on How to Stop Drinking There are many different reasons someone might want to stop drinking. You might have become afflicted with an alcohol-related disease, or a medication you need may conflict with alcohol consumption. It is entirely possible that you simply want to quit to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Religion can also be a deciding factor here. No matter what your reason is, you want to stop, and you need some advice. Below you will find some wonderful tips to help you kick alcohol out of your life. Letting your friends and family know about your decision is a great way to get started. If you do not feel comfortable sharing with them your exact reasoning, that is fine. It only matters that they know for a fact that you are serious and want this decision to be taken seriously. It only matters that they are aware of your intentions. With the knowledge of your decision, it should be easier for them to refrain from causing tension by tempting you. With their knowledge of your situation, you can avoid some otherwise harmful temptations. Think about what sort of rewards system would make you feel good about what you are doing. When you do not reward yourself, not only are you not acknowledging your hard work, but any slip ups that may occur will hit harder. The great thing is, your reward system can be funded entirely with the money you were previously spending on alcohol. This creates a reward system that is built on money you were already spending anyway, so there is no great loss. Something tangible generally works well in a rewards system, even though the money on its own may seem like a reward in itself.
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How much better you feel for giving up booze should also be noted. If you experience withdrawal symptoms at first, know that those will pass with time. You will probably notice that you are sleeping better, and you feel more energized in general. The way alcohol dehydrates you can negatively affect you in a variety of ways. If you drink lots of water, you will notice how much more positively your body is responding to your choices.
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Any addictive substance can trouble you when you are trying to cut it out of your life. Know that it is okay to make mistakes from time to time. Doing something flawlessly on your first try is almost unheard of. Just keep persevering, and make sure you are acknowledging your progress. Replace drinking alcohol with something else you enjoy, and take heart in the fact that you are pursuing a lifestyle that suits you better.