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Top Tips for Growing Your Beard Let’s face it – beards boost men’s confidence and let them stand out. Sometimes, beards even pave the road to professional success. Unfortunately, not all beards are the same, so not all beards achieve the same effect. People usually believe this is due to hair type or skin tone differences, but it’s really all an issue of approach and attitude. Beginning on a Fresh Slate If you’re planning to have a beard, be sure you begin from zero – nothing. Give yourself enough time to get a good shave and refresh your skin. This will prevent future irritation and other skin issues. Note that good preparation is the secret to getting a good response from your skin after it is exposed to your blade. Prior to shaving, use a cleansing facial wash that goes right through your pores where dead skin, excess oils and dirt may be sitting. Pat your face dry very gently and apply pre-shaving oil, which works to soften both your facial hair and skin.
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As you grow a beard for the first time, you’ll see that it will be quite itchy, especially the first two weeks. Sometimes, for up to one month and a half. This is because of dirt and dead skin cells piling up by the day and possibly dehydration. Remember too that no matter how clean you try to be with your new facial hair, the itch will always be there in the beginning. The whole idea is to be patient. Choosing the Right Shape You may be tempted to grow something that looks absolutely great on some male model or a friend. You need to know different beard shapes look differently on different people. You can go online and research on a good beard shape for you, but your best shot is asking your favorite barber directly. And when you know what shape that is, stick to it all the way. Commitment Is Key Yes, if you want to grow a beard, you got to treat it like a full-time job. Even when you have your desired length, you’ve still got to give it some work. Again, the best thing to do is to go see your barber, who can tell you what amount of shaping and trimming you need. Don’t worry if there are areas that are quite patchy. Your barber will willingly give you tips on how to go about the problem. This is actually a great way to start a real relationship with the expert. Your Homework To maintain that fab-looking beard, wash and condition it only with shampoo and conditioner made for coarse hairs. You can explore the Internet to know which products actually work on beards.