One Single Piece of Exercise Equipment to Give You a Great Workout at Home

While everyone knows it is important to get plenty of exercise, not everyone enjoys going to a gym to workout. Even those who do have gym memberships would, at times, like to get in some additional exercise at home when they have a few minutes to spare. This is possible without having to buy a room full of equipment. If you have one piece of exercise equipment that can give you a good aerobic workout while at the same time allowing you to work other parts of your body, you will be able to get the workout you need.

One type of exercise equipment that can do all of this is an elliptical trainer. These machines allow for a walking, running or stair climbing experience in the air without the impact on the feet and knees, which is experienced when performing these exercises on a hard surface. These trainers can provide a wide range of cardiovascular exercise that can be increased or decreased in intensity with the use of different settings. With certain models, there is the added benefit of being able to work your upper body with movable arms on the machine that you pump back and forth. By using the different levels of resistance, you can work out your arms, shoulders and back at the same time.

Deciding which elliptical trainer is right for what you need can tricky since there are so many on the market. Judging by the Sole E25 front drive elliptical reviews available to read, this one offers some of the best features and quality for a very affordable price. Reviewers report that the machine is well-built and has a capacity of up to three hundred and fifty pounds.

The Sole E25 uses a front-located flywheel that provides smooth resistance. The foot pedals are large enough to be comfortable for any foot size and have a slight forward tilt to further reduce strain on the ankles and feet. This trainer offers the ability to use one of the sixteen settings to change resistance for difficulty. It even has the incline or decline feature for those really intense workouts that is usually only seen on trainers costing a great deal more. When you add in the compact design and quietness of this trainer, it makes it one of the best choices available.