I Am Trying to Learn Kung Fu

I have been thinking really hard about how easy or difficult it would be to learn how to do martial arts on the web. Of course there are a lot of web pages such as kungfu.group where they promise to do this. Of course I am not really interested in some of the aspects of the task, such as where you have guys telling you to do push ups and such. I never really enjoyed being bossed around in such a way, although I never had a problem doing the work that they want you to do. I just want to do it on my own terms, when I say to do it. That is obviously not an idea that would go over too well when you go to one of those places that teach you martial arts. Obviously when they teach you how to do it, they are going to want to have you do exactly what they want to have you do.

I am in really good shape right now. I run a lot and that is sort of getting a little old. So I have been thinking about how to change things up. Right now I go out and run for about five to ten miles, depending on how much time is available. I figure that it is a great way to burn a bunch of calories, but you have to have a few things. They make those stand up dummies for striking, they are sort of like a heavy bag. Obviously it would be best to have a couple of punching bags, the speed bag is great for working on your hand to eye coordination, while a big heavy bag is going to give you a really good cardio work out. That depends on how hard you go at it.