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Alcoholic No More: Tips to Saying No

Wanting to quit drinking alcohol is just the first step to being sober. Quitting alcohol is something that every alcoholic wants to do. But, not all of them have the power to change themselves. It may seem so impossible to quit but there are many people who were able to change themselves. A person who suffers from alcohol addiction has set himself to total destruction as it can leave home homeless and without a job and a family.

Quitting drinking alcohol takes several steps. Quitting alcohol does not happen overnight and is quite hard but taking the first steps will give the person the conviction to follow through. These steps are clear and concise and attainable that any alcohol addict will be able to say no and stay sober. Taking the steps to being sober will always be a challenge and getting to your goals will require strength of one’s conviction. With a strong will, the day will come that the alcoholic will finally free himself from the bottle demons.

Here are some tips to being sober:

Faith in yourself. Have faith that you can change and that you can stop drinking alcohol. Faith in yourself that you can do it and be sober is very important just like knowing and admitting that you are an alcoholic. It is vital to tell one’s self that you are strong and determined to change your life for the better. Keep telling yourself that you can stop, that you can change and keep doing this every day. By believing in yourself, you are able to find that you have the power to make your life better.

Know the reason why you drink alcohol. Determine for yourself if you drink socially or not. Are you a heavy drinker but does it in secret? Or maybe a drinker who goes out with co-workers or friends every night. Determining this will let you know for yourself which circumstances to avoid and help you get away from alcohol.

List down what makes not drinking a good thing. Your health should also be given a thought. Give consideration also to what it can do for your family. Reading these reasons each day will give you more strength to follow through with quitting.

Take all the positive events in your life brought about your will to quit drinking. Remember how much it took to get you where you are.

It is also a must to remember the bad things. Remind yourself how life was when you depended on alcohol. Remember all the time how much alcohol made you feel awful. Choose who you hang out with and make sure that they are also living a life free from alcohol.

Try out doing other things. Have a different activity that will get you to do something other than drinking. Activities that will improve your health and family relationships are the best way to avoid going back to drinking alcohol Find out what other things you are good at and make it a hobby.

Quitting alcohol is challenging. But, by following these tips, you can do it.