Causes of an aging skin

A wrinkled skin, especially on the face is a condition most people heavily frown upon. It is often attributed to age but surprisingly, it can start as early as 30. Our generation highly regards youthfulness, and age discrimination is on the rise. Loss of self-esteem and stigma attached to appearing old makes reducing wrinkles a top agenda. Many men are joining women in the anti-wrinkles battle, a fight they are losing miserably. Understanding the causes to this problem will help you to have an insight on how to combat it. Find out below.

The sun

This is the leading cause of wrinkles and contributes to two-thirds of such cases. Research reveals that sunlight destroys collagen, a protein that maintains skin structure and elastin that strengthens the tissues beneath the skin. It is also asserted that prolonged exposure to ultra violet light from the sun triggers the processes that lead to skin wrinkles and long-term exposure may lead to premature aging.

Smoking and alcoholic substances

This is also another serious cause of this problem. Experts agree that cigarette smoking triggers the production of an enzyme that breaks down vital proteins (collagen and elastin) that helps maintain the skin structure. On the other hand, alcohol dehydrates the skin, meaning it will not look fresh and in the long run, it will be less elastic and eventually form wrinkles.

Poor sleeping positions

Always sleep on your back and if you can’t, use a satin pillowcase. This point is often taken lightly but sleeping in certain positions repeatedly forms sleep lines that transform to wrinkles over time. Sleeping on one side accelerates wrinkles on the cheeks while a face-down position makes a rutted face.

Facial expressions

Expressions such as frowning that bring creases to the face ultimately create wrinkles. Other practices such as eyebrow raising, dramatic expressions, careless laughing and squinting are major contributions when they become habitual.

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