Can You Believe I Lost My Tooth Because of My Wife?

My wife punched me in the mouth and broke a tooth. No, she was not mad at me. It was an accident. I work out on a heavy bag. She was joking about all the punching. We were goofing around with the heavy bag. She charged at it with her fist, it slipped off and busted me right in the chops. The next thing I know is that her knuckle was bleeding because she got cut on my tooth, and I was heading to a dentist in Fairy Meadow. It cost me time from work and more to get a crown on that busted tooth. She felt so bad. I could not help laughing even though my mouth was sore.

We goof around all the time. Up until that point, no blood was drawn. I am just so glad it was not the other way around! Can you imagine trying to explain accidentally knocking your wife’s tooth out. I mean especially so since I am a pretty big guy as far as muscles are concerned and she is tiny. The dentist in Fairy Meadow got a laugh out of our predicament and a new patient. I had never been to this dentist before, and now the office is our family dentist. I was very pleased with the work. I never had much confidence in dentists over the years. Now I even go back for my regular six-month checkups.

I have been back at working out using the heavy bag. I just walk away when my wife wants to throw a few punches or kicks at it. The kicks really scare me. I do not want to have any other body parts damaged. She only has a tiny scar on her knuckle where it hit my tooth. I have a fake tooth!