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What Is A Knee Support Brace?

When someone needs to make use of a knee brace, it is mainly because to help them reduce the pain and promote quick recovery after suffering from an injury. If you have health knees, then it is easy for you to straighten, bend and flex it without feeling any pain but when compared to those who have unhealthy knees, things are totally different. And as an example, if your knee has been injured, then you may potentially be facing issues in doing activities such as running, sitting, kicking and walking. Actually, people with arthritis are more likely to experience more knee pain than other joint pains.

Knee braces are also available in different types and is designed for different kinds of knee problems including experience more knee pain than other joint pains.

Hinged – this is a type of brace that either orthopedic surgeons or sports physician’s are prescribing for athletes with damaged ligaments. It can protect that ligament after surgery and be able to increase its stability is what this kind of brace do. In reality, it is the only type of support available that you should wear until the surgeon or the physician told you to remove it. Knee braces are great choice for running activities but aside from that, it is not ideal to be used because of its metal parts.

Prophylactic – normally, these braces are used to provide additional protection to your knees from injuries while playing contact sports. As a matter of fact, this brace is designed specifically to protect uninjured knee and not ideal for regular use. You can buy them to almost everywhere and what’s more they are affordable. According to studies conducted by experts, it’s known to reduce the number of injuries from contact support annually but the study has not been conclusive to support the brace for its effectiveness.

Functional – as for this kind of knee brace, it’s manufactured to help those who have an existing injury. The ones with MCL or medial collateral ligament, PC or posterior cruciate ligament or ACL or anterior cruciate injuries are recommended to make use of this type of brace. They are light in weight and very durable that’s used in an effort to stabilize the knee and to help with rehabilitation of the injured ligaments.

Arthritic – these are referred as unloader braces and specifically made for those who have arthritis. To provide stability and help to reduce the pain is the primary function of this brace. And if you don’t like the idea of undergoing a surgery, then this will be very useful. You may buy either the soft version or the rigid version of this brace and wearing such could help you to reduce excessive load of weight on the knee joint that’s damaged.

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