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Tips on How to Stop Drinking

There are many different reasons for people to wish to end alcohol consumption. Here are some ways to stop drinking.

It can be difficult to try to stop your drinking, but if you constantly remind yourself why you are quitting and what good thing will come out of it, then you will really be inspired to go all the way.

Try doing this 7 steps when you’re thinking about quitting drinking

A good way to start is to avoid filling your fridge up with alcoholic beverages so that when you want a drink you will have to go out and buy and that will give you time to consider your commitment in stopping alcohol consumption.

Sipping your alcoholic beverages instead of gulping it down will also help you. Make sure you don’t drink two bottles straight but wait it out before you drink a second one. If you wait a while before drinking again, you will usually be able to convince yourself to not drink again. Substituting alcoholic beverages with water, juices, or even soda can help you out a lot.

Starting slowly is always key. Try to avoid drinking on some days and when you are used to that add more days when you do not drink.

Learning to say NO to people who give you alcoholic beverages will help you a lot, and if it is too difficult to say no then you can just get away from there.

Get yourself interested in other hobbies, like maybe learning something new or strengthening your relationship with friends and loved ones so that you won’t keep thinking about how depressed you are because you can’t drink anymore.

It is not going to be easy, and there will definitely be days when you will be discouraged and just want to quit. For days like this, the best thing is to talk to someone, maybe a family member or a friend.

There are going to be certain days or hours where you are just tempted to drink. Make a plan on how you can throw the temptation away on this days or hours and make sure you execute those plans.

If you never stop trying then you will probably be able to stop drinking. If you feel like you’re not improving, just remember that it will take time and you definitely won’t improve if you don’t even try. If you like, you can keep a diary on how you’re progressing and read it regularly to encourage yourself.

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