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Top Muscle Building Mistakes You Should Avoid Yes, you already have put all the effort and time in trying to build your muscles. But after such a long time sweating it out at the gym, you aren’t satisfied with the results. It is certain that you are doing something wrong. What is it and how do you correct it? Well the thing is you really don’t know what that mistake is, because if you did know it, you wouldn’t be making it in the first place, right? Luckily for you, this article will talk about the common mistakes committed in muscle building, the purpose of which is for you to be able to avoid making them next time. Disregarding the Basics
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This is without a doubt the most common mistake committed in muscle building. The belief that the more advanced and complex a muscle building routine is the faster the results come is dumbfounded. The rule is quite simple really: every journey begins with the first step. Hence, this suggests that it never makes sense if you skip on basic exercises like bench presses and squats just because you are under the impression that muscles grow faster when you jump to leg extensions and chest flies. You need to begin with the basics in muscle building because they force the muscle groups to work together and reach tiptop condition for the more challenging routines ahead.
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Doing Sports and Workouts at the Same Time You should know that one of the reasons for a slow progress in building muscle is when you’re working out and playing sports in the same frequency. The thing is the muscles, right after working out, needs 48 hours of rest. Muscles need to adjust and adapt to the amount of stress they’ve gone through in the workouts. Now if you really cannot stop yourself from playing ball while building muscle, what happens is that you’re burning excess calories you have, which originally are intended fueling your muscle buildup. Drinking and Smoking If you are smoking and drinking in between your workouts, you’re doing the stupidest thing. Yes, you already know you’re inviting cancer, high blood pressure, and stroke when you smoke and drink, but you also must understand that you’re also reversing your progress in strength training and muscle building. Embracing a smoking habit means you are absorbing carbon monoxide gas that results to your muscles getting deprived of the oxygen they need for energy production. Starving Yourself Finally, muscle building is a kind of workout that is unique from the rest because it requires you to eat as much as you can in order to get enough calories. Thus, it never is a good idea to starve yourself of the food and nutrition you need. Those who think that starving works are under the impression that eating more will correspond to acquiring excess weight. What they don’t understand is that in muscle building, the body needs protein as the material used for muscle growth. The only thing that someone who wants to build muscle needs to avoid is excess sugar because it fools the body of thinking that it no longer needs to eat, which then deprives the muscles the fuel they need.