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What is the Best Pillow to Relieve Neck Pain? The right pillow can greatly relieve one who suffer from neck pain, but if you buy the wrong one that can do a lot of harm. You can get a good night’s sleep from using the right pillow because it will allow your neck and shoulder muscles to relax and be relieved. At some period of our lives, we can experience neck and back pains. There are levels of intensity with neck pains starting from mild discomfort to severe burning sensation. Because there is tension in the muscles, neck pain will be the result. Neck pain can happen due to many reasons. It can be by sleeping with an awkward position or doing some exercise which you are not accustomed to. If you cervix is at an angle when you sleep then it can be caused by a wrong pillow which also leads to neck pain. You can also have a pillow that is too high or too small which does not match your body’s structure. Because of the wide variety of pillow available in the market, it makes finding the right one a difficult task. You should take great care in choosing your pillow if you are one suffering from neck and back pains. Special pillow for people who have neck pain are water pillows, side sleeper, traction pillow, foam pillows, etc. Buying the pillow that suits you will help give you relief from neck pain.
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Feather pillow are good for almost everyone. Water pillow have an inbuilt pouch filled with water. This type of pillow is said to reduce neck and back pains in the morning. This is because the gap between the neck and the shoulders is adjusted. Using orthopedic pillow is also helpful because it supports the neck. A side sleeper removes pressure on the sleeper’s back. Back pain is prevented with the use of this pillow especially by people who sits on their desks the whole day.
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Use an oversized pillow for a foot rest when you go to bed. If you sleep on your stomach, you can use a U-shaped or cradle pillow to cradle you face while sleeping. For extra lumbar support, use cylindrical roll pillows. To keep your head straight while traveling, use U or V-shaped travel pillow. For people with herniated discs, a neck traction should be used. Using the right pillow can relieve you from experiencing neck pain in the morning. Neck pains are worsened by using inappropriate pillows. A regular replacing of pillow should be done by all. If you have suffered from neck pains for long periods of time think of changing your pillow. It can actually help relieve that pain.