A Beginners Guide To Aircrafts

The Low Down on Aerial Refueling

Aerial refueling goes by a lot of different kinds of names such as tanking, air to air refueling, and also in flight refueling but basically this means refueling while flying and this is a typically a military maneuver where a tanker will refuel another plane.

This method is used for a number of different kinds of reasons such as improving the loiter time of the aircraft, improve the range of the aircraft, and to simply keep the aircraft in the air a lot longer as well. Aerial refueling is very useful because it can basically keep planes in the air indefinitely and the only limiting factor will be the fatigue of the crew and also things such as the oil being consumed by the engine. The military uses aerial refueling for a lot of different kinds of purposes most notably allowing planes to take off with heavier loads because when a plane is on the ground with a full tank of gas it simply cannot take off with as much weight because the fuel is heavy but by having less fuel they can carry more weight and then just simply top off while they are already in the sky. This method is also used to help planes reduce the amount of runway they need to get airborne because they do not have to carry as much weight and fuel due to the fact they can simply gas up in the sky. For planes that have to travel longer distances that can reach longer than three thousand five hundred miles can have their fuel consumption improved by using aerial refueling which is pretty cool to say the least.

Long distance flights can improve their fuel mileage by using aerial refueling and this improvement can be around forty percent which is fairly amazing and quite a huge increase in the efficiency of the fuel consumption.

There are two different kinds of methods used when it comes down to aerial refueling and they are the probe and drogue which is something that can be used to adapt to different kinds of aircraft and then the second method is called the flying boom which is faster but it will need to have a dedicated operator station.

Typically the tanker will be designed for a certain kind of refueling but if the probe and drogue system is used on the tanker then it can refuel a number of different kinds of aircraft easily. And that is the ins and outs when it comes down to aerial refueling.

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